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Change legislation on dangerous dogs act

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I have just watched a heartwrenching documentary called Death Row Dogs on Netflix. "Check out "Death Row Dogs" on Netflix" I am not asking for a complete change in legislation as I do think that the law is there to protect. I want to see a change in the way these animals are dealt with. There are cases of a dog being removed from a home during a raid or on intelligence. The animal has been kept in a squalid environment, mistreated etc. This animal is then taken to secret kennels and checked out to see if they are under the dangerous dogs act. Even then the behaviour of the animal is assessed. I watched this beautiful sociable dog be taken from this home whom had never shown aggressive tendencies never bitten be judged because it could not go back to the home it had came from and under the current legislation could not be rehoused it was destroyed. Where is the justice in this? I am so tired of these dogs being labelled because of their breed it's the owner!! Why should these dogs be put to sleep because they have had the misfortune of being mistreated. If there is no other reason for these animals to be destroyed I want this destruction order to end. I want a change in the law to say where applicable these animals can be rehoused under strict guidance for the sake of the animals and the new owners. They deserve a second chance to show they can trust humans and to know what it is truly like to be loved and treated as they were meant to be. Help me to help these dogs because if nothing changes these helpless defenceless animals will keep being destroyed. Isn't the RSPCA and any other animal rescues motto ... We will never put a healthy dog down... Let's put this motto out to all dogs that can be rehomed not just the select few.

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