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End The Cruelty To Pigs

Tyson is the second largest pork processor in the US, and they got there by abusing and neglecting their animals. Please tell Tyson that they need to clean up their act and start treating their pigs right by signing our petition! 
Gestation crates are 2x7 foot metal enclosures in which sows spend the majority of their lives. The original idea behind them was that they would protect the pigs from each other- as pigs are hierarchical animals and can be very competitive and aggressive with each other- and therefore keep them all healthy, but they are doing the opposite. They cannot stand for more than a few seconds at a time due to lack of exercise, they cannot even turn around; any movements they are able to make in an attempt to get more comfortable are very slight. Many develop neurotic behaviors because of this and begin biting the metal bars of the crate. Due to lack of veterinary care, sores that often develop from brandings go untreated and repeatedly rub on the sides of the crate also. Gestation crates, if they must be used, should at least be used for their original purpose: to keep pigs safe and healthy. 
Only a day after a sow gives birth, her babies are ripped away from her forever. If a sow tries to get back to her babies, she is mercilessly beaten back into her crate. Piglets need more time with their mothers in order to develop into healthy adult pigs. The average time that it takes for piglets to wean off their mother completely is 8 weeks. The spaces in which the sows are forced to give birth in are too small. Female pigs have a powerful instinctual drive to nest before giving birth, but there is no room or material for them to do so. The snout is a very sensitive area for pigs and many will rub them on the concrete floor until they are raw to satisfy the drive. Once the piglets are taken away, they will get their tails removed while they are partially or even fully conscious. The purpose of cutting off their tails, in theory, is to make sure that the other piglets don’t bite them off, but the purpose is defeated when there is not a sufficient amount of pain killers given in order to completely numb the pig’s pain before the tail is removed by the "farmer." 
Tyson employees who work with the animals have little to no regard for the pigs’ lives. Undercover employees have filmed disturbing footage of Tyson employees beating pigs, throwing piglets into the air and back and forth between them, and electrocuting pigs when they are unresponsive to their demands. 
So many pigs have died or become ill due to extreme temperatures; too many have frozen to death or died of heat exhaustion. Many pigs have also died of infection from ignored sores and other wounds. Infected sores are very common and come from brandings. The pigs are also fully conscious while they are being branded multiple times while also being kicked and shouted at because they won’t stop running away. 
We demand that all pigs be kept safe, happy, and healthy. We demand that they be provided with regular and frequent professional veterinary care. We demand that your pigs be given frequent visits to an outdoor enclosure where there is mud and hay for them. We demand that piglets and their mothers will spend at least 8 weeks together so that the piglets can naturally wean off their mothers. We demand larger quarters for pigs to sleep in so they can turn all the way around without touching the sides at all. We also demand that overcrowded shared stalls or pens do not replace gestation crates. We demand separate spaces for them to give birth that are large enough and are stocked with enough hay for them to nest. We demand that piglets getting their tails removed and pigs being branded be rendered completely unconscious beforehand so they feel absolutely no pain throughout the operation. We demand air conditioning and heating for pigs so they are always at a comfortable temperature. We demand video cameras be installed all over all Tyson farms to keep the animals safe from abuse from the employees. We demand a better life for pigs that excludes abuse and neglect.

Please sign this petition. And please, join me in a boycott on all Tyson products. We, the consumers, are the ones with the power, not the corporate companies. 

Also, as Tyson doesn't provide an email address on its website, please follow this link --> <--and then select Other, copy&paste the letter below into the questions/comments box, and send. Thank you so much for your support!

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