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Emaciated Dog Found Behind A Home In Jackson, MS. Sign to force charges against owner!

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Chaining a dog 24/7 is the worst form of Animal Cruelty, legal in many areas.  This dog clearly was left to starve to death.

Please sign this Petition to ask Sheriff TYRONE LEWIS of Jackson, MS to file Criminal Felony Charges against the owner, and never allow this individual to own a pet ever again!


The address of the dog is 225 Jan St., Byram, MS, 39272!



News Station Email:

PHONE # to News Station:   (601) 372-6311



If the law there in MS is too weak to prosecute this owner, then the laws must be changed!  Please sign, and share, and inspire change!

Don't think for a second that sharing this across Social Media won't make a difference!  Last week I shared a Petition I started after someone contacted me about their dog getting shot 6 times by a neighbor, 200 feet from a toddler. The dog was wearing a pink collar.
At 1st the Sheriff wasn't going to do a thing, but after my Petition started getting shared like crazy through Social Media portals, the Sheriff brought a felony charge against the man!
I used to think these Petitions were not that effective, until I was contacted by the owner of the dog that was shot, thanking me, and letting me know about the felony!
Thank you again for signing!
Even if the laws are weak there, the Sheriff can find something to charge them with, and if nothing else, people should get outraged enough seeing the photo, to push for stricter laws for Animal Cruelty!

I have a page called "Dogs Without Chains." Stay informed of the latest laws being passed, or stories regarging tethering:

My County has now passed a ban on tethering, and I have created a group of Volunteers to build fences.  We are called "Flying Hound Fences."  We have just begun, and will be raising money, and mainly focusing our efforts on our County and surrounding County, Randolph County of NC.

Please sign my other Petition to UNCHAIN DOGS TODAY, FOREVER!

Finally, take a listen to my songs.

One Less Dog In The Cold - You Tube

Dog On A 10 Foot Chain - You Tube

Thanks for caring, signing & sharing!

Donna Hughes

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