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STOP TRYING TO TAKE THE TRADEMARK FOR "WHAT WOULD JESUS DO" TV SHOW Registered by Kim "Poprah" Kearney #3748123 -Cancel Trademark Proceeding #92053298 (Wrong & UNCHRISTLIKE-We'll boycott your work!)

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Tyler Perry proclaims that he is a CHRISTIAN MAN. We see him referencing God on tv, stages, red carpets everywhere, even laying hands on Bishop TD Jakes at Megafest 2013. Then WHY would he do something that would keep a Christian show that is strictly aimed to bring people to Christ, from being successful?

Any Christian's PRIMARY MISSION is supposed to help bring other people to Christ. And this is the PRIMARY GOAL of this show, help bring people to Christ by reaching them where they are. Millions of people watch reality shows religiously, but may never go to church where they would actally learn about God's love & how to be saved through accepting Christ as their Saviour.

And most of these current faith based reality shows, do nothing but show Pastors living like rappers, with planes, fancy cars, and conflicts in their home. This show is NOTHING like those, it will actually lead people to Christ by showing them how Christians should really live, and makes the word of God applicable to everyday challenges and experiences people have everyday.


Many people reject Christianity, only because they don't understand it, or don't read the Bible because they don't understand how it applies to everyday life. This show, "WHAT WOULD JESUS DO" will do just that!

THE WORLD NEEDS JESUS NOW! People are lost, confused, have no hope, dying daily with no clue how to be saved. It is our CHRISTIAN DUTY to help them before it is too late! To ignore this need, is to ignore God!

This show was presented to Tyler Perry through an industry associate, on behalf of a Christian woman who admired him, looked up to him, and trusted him to be someone who could help her get this show to the masses. And for him to file an application to register the trademark of her show, for his own entertainment company's profit, 4 months after her idea was presented to him, is totally UN-CHRISTLIKE and UN-ETHICAL. And when attempts to register her mark for himself failed, he then filed a Cancellation Proceeding Against Her w/the United States Trademark's Board to have her trademark for "WHAT WOULD JESUS DO" cancelled so he could get it for himself. WHO WOULD TRY TO STEAL JESUS' TRADEMARK, and then call themselves a CHRISTIAN?

This is not only UN-ETHICAL, but is is downright SHAMEFUL coming from anyone, but ESPECIALLY, someone who has built their entire image on being a LOVING, FAITHFUL, MAN OF GOD.

The Christian community has spent MILLIONS of DOLLARS supporting TYLER PERRY's films, tv shows, plays, etc., and for him to betray their trust and do something that totally opposes the premise of living a Christian Life and intentionally blocks and prohibits the spreading of God's word is a travesty!  

The Christian Community should feel betrayed, used and outraged and boycott Tyler Perry's Works until he does the right thing!

The world needs CHRIST now more than ever. Kids are totally out of control w/no values, nor have any respect for their parents. There is corruption everywhere you turn. People are struggling financially, many are hopeless and lost turning to drugs, alcohol, promiscuity or worse. Racism and discrimination still plagues our neighborhoods and communities. Kids are being killed still, in this age, for the color of their skin. The end times predicted in the REVELATIONS is coming to pass whether we like it or not. And people are so busy trying to be like the celebrities they see on tv, and in music videos, following what's hot on social media, or doing anything they can think of to be "the next rich or famous", that they are totally missing it!

And here, Tyler Perry, one of the wealthiest people in the country, one of the most powerful & influential people in the entire entertainment industry, who's total FORTUNE has been built on the support of the CHRISTIAN community, BOLDLY CHOOSES to use legal tactics to bully and cripple another up and coming person in the industry, who has nothing but the purest intent to use their God-given gifts to save souls, from doing God's will.

The Madea franchise alone has reaped him HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, playing on the stereotypes and familiarities of the African American Bible based family.

So is it that now that those ideas are being exhausted, that he is looking to capitalize more directly on the Christian-Bible based demographic? Because his current activities and endeavors appear to steer in the direction more and more each day! i.e Laying hands on TD Jakes at MEGAFEST 2013 - Is that why he's showing up after every popular Christian event, bragging about his donations, and trying to position himself as some hero or saint when God says give in secret?

Whatever is his motivation, it still does not justify, unethical, un-Christlike behaviour and business practices behind the scenes, which we keep hearing about time after time! We all know this is not the first time he's been accused of this. Open your eyes people, where there is smoke, there is fire. In the bible Hosea 4:6 says, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee..."

SO WAKE UP PEOPLE & STAND FOR CHRIST & those who are trying to do God's will!

We implore everyone who considers themselves a Christian, or even believes in God, or may just be someone who is fed up with seeing the rich, wealthy and powerful, rob the little guy, to stand up and be counted by signing this petition!

This petition is actually begging Tyler Perry to do the right thing, and cancel his trademark proceeding against this show, and to leave this woman Kim "Poprah" Kearney alone. If he expects Christians to support his WORK, he needs to conduct himself like a Christian in front of and BEHIND THE CAMERA.

She doesn't claim to be perfect, she only claims to be doing everything she can, to do God's will. And that's all God asks of any of us.

If you have any doubt that supporting this effort is the right thing, ask yourself...WHAT WOULD JESUS DO

You can watch this video where Kim "Poprah" Kearney tells her story in her own words... (This woman seems really devastated by this-its really sad).

All this information is PUBLIC RECORD, go to:

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