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Do Not Allow Kim Kardashian To Appear In "The Marriage Counselor"

Tyler Perry is one of the most powerful black entertainers in the world, and he is in the unique position to tell meaningful stories about characters people of any color can relate to. He has a responsibility not just as a filmmaker, but to his fans. Perry cast Kim Kardashian in his upcoming film The Marriage Counselor, a stunt casting decision that is an insult to the fans who have always supported him and the institution of marriage itself. Ms. Kardashian recently divorced her husband after 72 days of non-stop self promotion, and has proven that she has no respect for the sacrament of marriage. On reality television actions have no consequences, but in the real world people are accountable for the decisions they make. If Kim Kardashian appears in the final cut of The Marriage Counselor, true fans will boycott the movie's release, in theaters and on DVD, Blu-Ray or any other form of electronic distribution.

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