Do not cut the TRIO programs.

I am a 17 year old Upward Bound student at Bowdoin College. I am on leadership council at my Upward Bound. I am a low income student who's family lives paycheck to paycheck. I struggle with PTSD as well as ADD and social anxiety. I never believed I had the potential to become a College student until I joined my UB program in my sophomore year. I was always made fun of and bullied for being a low income student who dreamed of something more than working at my local Walmart. This program just didn't do this for me, it has done it for everyone who has joined the TRIO program. Imagine my surprise when I opened up my Facebook news today and saw our President, Donald J. Trump, is purposing a $96 Million dollar budget cut. I had just went to our State House in Maine to prevent a cut. Now it's coming from the top, please on behalf of my peers and my respected Alumni, don't let, this happen, don't wait for it, be proactive and protect our students and the Education system.

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