Remove Farrakhan from Twitter

Remove Farrakhan from Twitter

August 3, 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Sabina .


Dear Jack Dorsey,

This petition is for the permanent suspension of All accounts that promote hateful conduct and use racial / religious incitement, starting with Louis Farrakhan’s  account from Twitter. ***Racism isn’t free speech.***

!!!!!!!At first I just thought the account belonging to LF was belonging to someone with a hateful rhetoric however , I learned that this account is not just hateful but is actually  a “ dangerous” account that must be stood up against from a representative Known as a “campaigner” working for who helped me with this campaign. !!!!!!! 

His rhetoric emboldens and inspires others to create accounts dedicated to using hateful speech and incitement against Religious / racial groups . And as seen in current news words that incite is a direct cause of violence in the street. INCITEMENT = VIOLENCE!  Words have consequences, and it cannot be disputed that those who spout such hateful sentiments by calling them ‘truths’ only have one intent and end goal in mind. To cause harm and hurt people.  

The perpetrators of this incident cited Farrakhan in several social media posts prior.

*****Jewish people are proud of their support for the legalization of gay marriage, because we know how it feels to be a minority looked at as less than and denied basic human rights**** L.F. Disagrees as seen in this Video, provided by ADL via YouTube :


On July 4, 2020 Louis Farrakhan made a speech spreading insidious ideas about the Jewish people, calling us "satan" and inciting violence. He delegitimizes our existence by calling us "fake" and "so-called". He threatened that if jewish people do not stop following the Talmud an ancient religious doctrine that Jewish people have been following for thousands of years - their civilization will come to an end, but if they do step away from it then god will grant them “more time”.

The first amendment in the constitution is the freedom of religion. No one person or group of people should make demands and threats against any people for the religion they follow. That is an infringement of their constitutional rights. Social media platforms need to take responsibility for making sure that no religious entity is subjected to this kind of persecution. We are lucky that In America all have the freedom to practice whichever religion we choose in which ever manner we choose , so long as we do not use this religion to injure or hurt others. 

Twitter recently suspended David Dukes account for violating their rules and policies on hateful conduct that promote violence and threatening attacks against people based on religious affiliation. This is wonderful kudos to you twitter , but this should be applied to all accounts that violate these policies . And Louis Farrakhan’s account has been for years promoting hateful conduct , see the time he tweeted “I’m not an antisemite , I’m anti termite “. Rules should be applied to all otherwise one would start to form the idea that Twitter May hold a bias and maybe isn’t a place for people of all backgrounds to use safely.  

****It is also a well known fact (which I learned from other petitions on that Louis Farrakhan is banned from entering the U.K. Going on 30 years now, for saying “hitler was a great man”. ****

 I am a Jewish immigrant from Ukraine. My family and I came to the United States as refugees, in the hopes of a better life. My father was a young child during WW2, he and his mother left their home and ran for their lives. They moved around northern Russia for the duration of the war. My paternal grandfather, fought at the forefront of the Battle of Stalingrad. He lost a leg but he miraculously survived and made it back home, many did not.  My father is recognized as a holocaust survivor.  He is ill now and on dialysis , thanks to this recognition,a not for profit organization that serves seniors and survivors arranged for him to be able to get an aid.

I truly believe in my heart of hearts that you cannot lift one people up by fueling them with hatred toward another people. In the long-term this can only lead to more devastating events such as wars, genocides and every other injustice that threatens our peace, as the human race.

He has close to 350K followers on Twitter, allowing him this platform is negligent in a time when hate crimes against Jews are on the rise. When social media is weaponized, I ask you Jack, do not let Twitter be an accomplice.
  Who are we as a society if we do not protect each other!?

*History shows  what the weeds of antisemitism grow into.* ( this information can be found in literature published by historians; those who study history and SHALL NOT BE DENIED!)

Let's remove Farrakhan's account off Twitter to make room for some KINDNESS, which is what this world desperately needs.

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Signatures: 7,799Next Goal: 10,000
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