Take Away This Abusive Twitter User’s Verification

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There is a Twitter user named Elizabeth Le Fey [@globelamp] who is utilizing her platform to spread blind hatred to a large community of people. She is targeting members of the Taylor Swift fandom, many of whom are minors. Le Fey has been relentless in her harassment. She implies that because she has a verified sticker, she is allowed to break the Twitter code of conduct. Le Fey has continued on this abusive course of behaviour for months, with the situation escalating recently in the month of December 2019. 

One example of Globelamp insulting users

Globelamp calling Taylor Swift misogynistic slurs

More targeted harassment from Le Fey

Evidence of globelamp bragging that her verification puts her above the rules

Evidence of her undermining the mental health of others

Globelamp insulting teenagers again

This small list doesn’t even include all of the retweets and replies she has sent out in the last few weeks. You can see for yourself how out of hand Elizabeth’s anger has gotten by clicking this link to her twitter profile.

What do we want to see done?

We move for Globelamp to have her verification status removed from her account. It clearly states in Twitter’s rules that “inciting or engaging in harassment of others” is grounds for verification loss, as per the regulations listed on the “Verified account FAQs” (source: help page) at the Twitter Help site. It is glaringly obvious that Le Fey is not using her account in a professional manner, as her repeated instances of abusive behaviour have proven. 

Removal of Le Fey’s verification will help to keep twitter users safe from abuse, because it is less likely that her tweets will gain traction or attention. We are concerned for the safety and mental health of minors. As Twitter users, the community is asking for Twitter management to step in because we feel powerless against this abusive and manipulative individual. We know that Twitter does not stand for bullying or harassment of any kind- so please help us put an end to this verified platform of hatred.