Twitter Stop the birthday bans || Give Our Accounts Back

Twitter Stop the birthday bans || Give Our Accounts Back

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Twitter is locking accounts who are 13 or 13above. Whenever someone changes their year date Twitter shows them that their account is locked and they are under 13. A lot of people tried contacting Twitter and Twitter support. But their is no response from them. People are tweeting and mailing them daily with ID cards that they're 13 older. But Twitter isn't responding to anyone. Twitter is ignoring our mails and tweets. There's a hashtag going on Twitter #StopTheBirthdayBans

Twitter needs to look into it. Because this issue is happening since last week and there is literally no response from Twitter. Give our accounts back. We need our accounts back TWITTER. Answer us. Reply us. Give us our accounts back. Stop doing problems. 

Twitter users are really so sad about it because they were using Twitter since ages. their accounts contained important stuffs which they never wanted to loose. They Twitter isn't listening to anyone. 

Twitter give us our accounts back or you're gonna lose so many of your users.