Release usernames of inactive Twitter users !

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Isn't it annoying when you create a Twitter account, but the username you want to use is already taken ? So imagine how even more annoying it is when the username you want to use is being squatted ! That means that the user registered with the username you want to use not only seems to be inactive for months, or even years, but they also tweeted very few times, or even never, they have little to no followers, and they don't even respond to your private messages or your own tweets !

A couple of years ago, Twitter said they would be releasing the handles from inactive users, but nothing actually happened ever since. It is possible for an established brand to take the username from an inactive user, but what about individuals ? Nothing !

This is why I want YOU to sign and share this petition, to make it change. I would like Twitter to free the usernames of users that completes at least these following criterias, in order of importance :

  1. Hasn't connected to their account for over 6 months.
  2. Didn't confirmed their email and/or phone number
  3. Have less than 100 followers.
  4. Have posted less than 100 tweets.

Dear Twitter staff, if you ever happen to see this, please consider this seriously, think about newer people who really wants to actively use your social network and would like to have a username that is easy to write, to remember or just to find, but can't be satisfied because there are people who are opening an account on your website and then aren't really doing anything with it.

Thank you.