Fighting Casteism By Twitter.

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My twitter handle was suspended and reported multiple times for no reason.

Prof. Dilip Mandal, another well known activist, was also locked out of his account.

Many of us have to fight every day on Twitter just to exist and raise our voices!

I’ve noticed something strange. A large number of Twitter accounts with the famous, much-sought after blue verification ticks are of people, who identify themselves as ‘influencers’, and ‘political analysts. They mostly belong to upper castes and privileged communities. Many of these accounts spread hate everyday and NO action is taken against them. They get verified by Twitter even if they have very less followers.

However, the accounts of Dalit, Tribal, Minority and other Backward community activists with countless followers are hardly verified. This can’t be a coincidence!

They are time and again locked out of their accounts for speaking up against casteism and other ground issues.

This kind of selective verification and suspension of accounts by Twitter India is a form of discrimination, something which the Constitution of India condemns.

I have started this petition to hold Twitter India accountable and to secure our right to equality online.

Social media platforms like Twitter are regularly used by people like us to talk about real issues that our people and communities face.

We will no longer let this happen.

My multiple requests to Twitter India have gone unanswered. I need your support to make them take action.
They must to do it NOW.

Sign my petition asking Twitter India to verify Tribal, Dalit, Minority activists or #CancelAllBlueTicksInIndia.