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YouTube and Twitter: Ban John Kuckian for his bullying and directed personal attacks.

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John Kuckian is a Youtuber with hundreds of thousands of subscribers. He also has over 30k Twitter followers. John has consistently made attempts to ruin careers and lives. He uses bully tactics and outright slander. Twitter and Youtube have a responsibility to it's users to keep such people from it's domain. Twitter has banned others for the same tactics. It is expected that one will face some form of bullying or another online at some point in their life. However, that does not mean it should be accepted or tolerated. John has now gone too far and must be stopped and pay the consequences for his actions. John uploaded a video on YouTube calling Peter Monn a pedophile amongst other nasty and unnacceptable things. He also used twitter to promote said YouTube content and further used Twitter to direct hate and slander towards Peter Monn. John Kuckian is by definition a bully. 

Peter Monn is a YouTube personailty that produces commentary content aka a drama channel. Peter has consistently made videos about other public figures that are entwined in drama. He however does NOT ATTACK anyone, he simply gives commentary on the situation and usually provides constructive criticism. He's like the YouTube Wendy Williams if you will. Peter is a voice for millions really, even though he is a small channel. He has struggled with addiction and has somehow came out of that and built a good life and is now sharing those struggles with the world to see. Peter actually comes to the table and shares a story of hope, love, and understanding. We are almost all touched by addiction these days. We are either an addict or know one. Peter has done nothing ILLEGAL ad he has NEVER made content to attack or ruin someone's lives with falsified information.

Twitter just in case you need help finding your own policy on this abusive behavior here it is:

YouTube here is your policy as well: . However, it's clearly sad that you take impersonation more seriously than you do directed personal attacks on someone. 

YouTube and Twitter(Google), we DEMAND you look into John's accounts and take the appropriate actions against him. We will not accept this behavior.

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