Unsuspend Sargon Of Akkad from Twitter

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Sargon Of Akkad is one of the most popular YouTubers out there. His videos are a wonderful blend of political discussion, constructive analysis and humour and are always fun to watch. He's managed to gain a strong audience and has helped to make more people interested in politics, including myself.

However, he has been recently suspended from Twitter. The reasons at the time of writing are unclear, and not even Sargon himself has been notified as to why he's been banned. This is an utter disgrace, because not only is it restricting free speech but is also following an unhealthy trend on Twitter to silence popular users who speak out against the mainstream narrative, including Breitbart journalist Milo Yiannopolous. This is while numerous actual hate speech accounts (including jihadist and Neo-Nazi accounts) are still alive and online.

As both a fan of Sargon & free speech, I would ask Twitter to reverse its stance here, considering that he hasn't done anything wrong and that such actions set a worrying precedent. If people like Sargon can get banned for expressing his reasonable views, who else can they censor under the guise of silencing so called hate speech? Twitter is becoming too Orwellian at this point for its own good and its time to change that. Getting Sargon's account back online would be a great start in doing that. 


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