Twitter! Restore Ali Javanmardi’s Account!

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Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to you regarding the suspension of the Twitter account @Javanmardi75 belonging to Ali Javanmardi. This account has 52K followers and has been active since 2012. It was suspended on October 15, 2020, after posting a tweetreporting on Twitter’s censorship of the New York PostHunter Biden article. It is the second time this account has been suspended in less than two months and no explanation has been given by Twitter as to why.

Ali Javanmardi is an independent American-Iranian journalist and an international correspondent formerly with the Voice of America. He is also the founder and executive editor of AVAToday Awareness Media, a digital media news and awareness channel.

As the media in Iran is heavily regulated and exploited for propaganda purposes, and for misleading the public, social networks such as Twitter, which are easily accessible and cannot be controlled, are extremely important for revealing the truth. The regime censors and alters the news to distort views to fit its purposes. It is essential for the Iranian people and their pursuit of freedom to have access to true unadulterated news.

Ali Javanmardi brings the Iranian public uncensored, un-manipulated news and analysis via his Twitter channel. He delivers up-to-the-minute breaking news on Iran, with a special focus on reports not published elsewhere, covering news about demonstrations, strikes, specific cases of repression, corruption, and high crimes committed by top leaders of the regime.

Ali Javanmardi aims to raise awareness by explaining current issues and events, their present and future implications, and analysis of what’s happening behind the scenes. He also does live broadcasts of breaking news and analysis of important events on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Through his work on Twitter and other social media sites such as Telegram, Instagram, Facebook, and the AVAToday website, Javanmardi has gained recognition and trust among the people, and has considerable numbers of followers. This puts him in a unique position whereby he receives hundreds of daily reports from all around Iran, often including audio-visual materials and copies of confidential documents.

Javanmardi’s articles are shared by a great many people and news agencies, and can be seen across all major social media sites, and he has become the source of news for many.

Ali Javanmardi has also attempted to challenge the negative propaganda against the US and its allies. He’s endeavored to strengthen the natural pro-American inclination of the Iranian people through a constant reminder and demonstration of the best qualities of American democracy and society. He’s tried to clarify that Americans are against the current theocracy strangling Iran and not the Iranian people and to show that Iran and America could have been the best of friends if it weren’t for the regime.

The content of the articles he posts and their reach through the aforementioned platforms has been significant enough to have incited the Iranian regime to physically threaten him and the members of his media channel, and to try to hamper hisactivities through electronic and legal means.

Throughout his time on Twitter he has never posted harmful, abusive or offensive material, never threatened violence or harassed any group, and has always followed Copywrite laws.

Javanmardi’s work as a journalist in revealing the truth about what’s happening in Iran and exposing the crimes of the regime is too important to be hampered by the suspension of his account. He raises awareness by reporting genuine news and attempts to make it accessible to as many people as possible. He puts his life in danger on a daily basis to do what he considers his duty and should not be penalized for revealing the truth.

We kindly request that you see into this matter and help lift the suspension on his Twitter account.

Thank you

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