Permanently suspend Gemma O'Doherty (@gemmaod1) from Twitter!

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Removing Gemma O'Doherty (@gemmaod1) from Twitter will work to promote equality for people of all races, religions and sexual orientations in Irish Society.

Gemma O'Doherty's tweets incites hatred among a powerful minority in Ireland. An example of which saw a young couple having to contemplate leaving Ireland because of the racial abuse they endured after tweets posted by O'Doherty. A mix raced family suffered insurmountable abuse at the hands of followers of O'Doherty because she implied that the racial dynamic did not reflect an Irish family. This is simply racist.

O'Doherty repeatedly tweets messages which marginalise immigrants, especially people of different ethnicities, in particular black, middle eastern and far eastern backgrounds. This sings true for her messages about members of the LGBTI community also.

While referring to herself as an investigative journalist, O'Doherty consistently posts reports which are not fact based that only serve to promote her racist and homophobic agenda.

She does not appear to possess any common decency is nor does she seem to want to allow anyone other than white heterosexual Irish people enjoy equality in Ireland.

She should be removed from Twitter because her posts incite a hate and promote a harmful agenda rather stimulating a facts based discussion.

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