Impose an instant ban on paedophile accounts on Twitter and Facebook

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Facebook and in particular Twitter are rife with accounts created by paedophiles. Usually in their bio section it states that they are paedophiles and they also frequently use terms such as MAP (Minor attracted person), pro-contact or anti-contact. And some even specify the age and gender of children they are attracted to, also.

I have lost count the amount of times I have reported such accounts for the following reasons:

1)Discussing children in an inappropriate/ sexual way.

2)Trying to normalize paedophilia. E.g. claiming it is a sexual orientation and should be accepted like being gay or straight etcetera.

3)Claiming that viewing indecent images of children is a victimless crime and therefore should not be illegal. 

4)Trolling survivors of child sexual abuse.

5)Engaging with children (tweeting them)

Twitter has taken little to no action on reports made regarding the above. If someone swears at someone or threatens physical violence, then look out It's to suspensionville you go, but when it comes to accounts and reports made about the above...Twitter has done nothing. The people that own those accounts are a real danger to children. If Twitter does nothing about them and actively allows paedophiles to be blaise about their desires and or engage with kids instead of banning them. They need to start taking immediate action and imposing immediate bans on such accounts and protect children by doing so. So please sign and share and let's see if we can get Twitter and Facebook to do the right thing and make social media a safer place.

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