Graham Linehan Needs To Be Removed from Twitter

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Graham Linehan frequently posts anti-LGBT tweets which is upsetting and offensive.

Linehan is not part of the LGBTQ community so it is unclear why he thinks he is our voice.  Linehan also believes that he speaks for lesbians and actively supports the LGB alliance.  The vast majority (including lesbians) stand with the Trans community.  
Some offensive tweets sadly twitter has taken no action:


‘ Once again, the UK's prison population is just below 80,000 men/just below 4000 women, but sure, throw your fellow women under a bus to get some pats on the head.‘

’Look, I know it gets to be a habit, prioritising men, but please get this straight. I am supporting *them*. The 'terfs'. The *real* feminists.’

‘One upside to social distancing is that Mermaids are apparently finding it difficult to continue their grooming sessions. They need face to face contact to be able to properly work on parents and kids #mermaidsSucks’

’Pink News journalist. This is such an odd thing to write to an American veteran of the Stonewall riots. Don't you have *any* respect for those that made the world safer for LGBT people? He faced police batons, you've faced misgendering.’


This is just a handful of discriminatory comments.  Given the current situation it is so important to protect our LGBT community especially our trans siblings.  So twitter please sanction all accounts appropriately regardless of who they are.