Delete Dogpatch Press's Twitter Accounts

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Dogpatch Press is a far-left organization that posts news articles for furries. They have been known to be against right-winged furries for a long time, but just recently things have taken a turn for the worst. Numerous cases of doxing, targeted harassment and slanderous name-calling are just some of the things this news outlet is responsible for. All of which are against Twitter's TOS (Twitter being their prominent social media platform). And while I have listed to Twitter several reasons as to why I think they're breaking TOS, Twitter gave them an okay. Twitter is allowing this organization thrive off of demonetization and targeted harassment. They also have a Patreon, which they also constantly break the TOS for.

No matter your political alignment, you surely must understand that any organization that practices these heinous acts should be punished. Well Twitter and Patreon don't think so. They put their political interest first before everything else.

This problem impacts me and any furries they don't agree with, as we are targets for slander, harassment, and even doxing. We need this organization's Twitter Account and/or their Patreon to be terminated so we can finally live without fear of these threats.

Here is an article written by a victim of a dox by Dogpatch Press:

Here is Dogpatch Press's Patreon account:

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