Ban @azarijahromi the ICT Minister of Iran from Twitter due to shutting down internet

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We the people of Iran demand twitter to remove and ban the @azarijahromi who is the ICT Minister of Iran from twitter due to shutting down the internet in Iran in an attempt to stop transmitting the savage footages of security forces brutally shooting straight at empty-handed people in the streets to the social media. Demonstrations erupt after authorities announce surprise decision to raise gas prices by 50 percent. With no western television cameras left in Iran, shaky cell phone video provides the only images of the protest. At least 12 people killed in Iran amid protests over fuel prices over the past two nights. Meanwhile, Iran's Revolutionary Guard and other security forces are crushing and killing Anti-Government Protests, Mr. Jahromi shut down the country’s internet in the wake of fuel protests.

It is against the humanitarian right of Freedom of Information and while Mr. Jahromi is banning people to have access to internet he is using twitter to propel the propaganda of the regime. We request twitter to remove his account in support of freedom of information and defending and respecting the rights of the people of Iran to have access to internet.