End Social Media Censorship

End Social Media Censorship

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Craig R. Brittain started this petition to Twitter, Inc. 1355 Market St, Suite 900 San Francisco, CA 94103 Twitter and


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Donate to the Brittain for US Senate campaign:

Craig R. Brittain (that's me) the main petition author - I'm a Republican running for US Senate in Arizona. You can donate from anywhere in the US. Some friends and I who have been permanently suspended from (and/or otherwise permanently censored by) Big Tech social media for over 2 years now created this petition. Some of them now work for my campaign, full disclosure. This petition/message is fully endorsed by me and my campaign. On Feb. 1, 2017, my VERIFIED Twitter account with over 150,000 followers, and my journalism account which had about 100,000 followers, were simultaneously permanently suspended. In March of 2018, my campaign staff (of Brittain for Senate '18) and their accounts with a combined following of over 250,000 were permanently banned from Twitter.

I lost over 500,000 followers. Had I remained on Twitter until now, I would have over 3 million total followers at this point, based on Twitter's own projections for my extremely popular verified account. 

Twitter interfered with my election in 2018, or I would be addressing you as Senator Brittain already. But there's a chance to right the wrong of Twitter's election interference - donate to my campaign. 

You can also text me at any time - please do so - 6025025612. 

As long as I pay the bill, at least they can never censor my cell phone! 

Additionally, if you are in Arizona, I need 8,000 signatures to get on the ballot (you must be a registered Arizona voter.) You can sign at the eponymous (look it up) signforbrittain.com.  
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The Courts in Knight First Amendment Institute v. Trump and other Federal cases have ruled that you have the FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT to access the PUBLIC FORUMS, which are the digital spaces (accounts, feeds, etc.) on Twitter, Facebook, Google, YouTube, etc. when an agency or official uses them in their official capacity.

Logical Conclusion: 

The bans of social media accounts are thereby censorship. The question must permanently be settled and the social media companies must unban the accounts of everyone they've suspended, and verify (blue check) the accounts of all prominent people they have suspended. Over 50,000 US Government officials and agencies use Twitter, Facebook and Google/YouTube in their official capacity. 

Just assume this means NO ONE SHOULD BE SUSPENDED PERMANENTLY FROM SOCIAL MEDIA FOR ANY REASON, as that interferes with your Constitutional Rights to follow government agencies and officials. 

You're paying for social media with your tax dollars.

You pay for government operation of those public Twitter/Facebook/YouTube accounts with your tax dollars. Additionally, many lobbyist groups like CAIR are using your tax dollars to censor your social media accounts, as they sit on the boards of these social media companies. Imagine paying tax dollars for something, only to have the very organizations receiving your tax money spend it to subsidize your own suspension. We must mobilize. Enough is enough. Sign, sign, sign, sign now, share with everyone you know.

When you sign, Twitter, Facebook, Google/YouTube will see your signature! Sign now! Let's get our speech back!

Here is a list of some of the names of people and groups whose accounts must be fully restored (more will be added):

Alex Jones, Craig R. Brittain, Laura Loomer, Martin Shkreli, Milo Yiannopoulos, Gavin McInnes, Liz Crokin, Wael Abbas, Occupy Wall Street members (including Dan Veidt and Vladimir Teichberg), Owen Benjamin, Mike Ma, Pax Dickinson, Anthony Cumia, Roger Stone, Meghan Murphy, Tommy Robinson, Baked Alaska, Jared Wyand, Imperator Rex, Charlie Poet, Flying Shadows, Thomas Wictor, Jamal Khashoggi, Azealia Banks, Robert Stacy McCain, Tila Tequila, Paul Nehlen, Chuck Johnson, Sabo, Michael Moates, Jared Beck, Carl Benjamin (Sargon of Akkad), Vox Day, Pizza Party Ben, Jacob Engels, Jacob Wohl, James Woods, David Horowitz, Michelle Malkin, Joe Biggs, Mary Ann Mendoza, Katie Hopkins.

30 Alternative News Outlets including: The Anti-Media, Police the Police, Cop Block, Press for Truth, Nation in Distress, and many more.

A special thank you to everyone who signs:

As you may know, being deplatformed and losing anywhere from thousands of dollars worth of value to even millions for larger accounts is extremely painful.You are fighting for people who have had large sums of money as well as personal value and historical/personal record (in the form of their tweets which stand as an accurate record of their personal history) stolen from them. You are fighting against digital book burners and thieves. Deplatforming is an act of theft. Supporters of deplatforming say it is effective against its target - but sure, so is theft. If you steal all of someone's money, indeed, that's "effective" - it's also criminal.  

Twitter states a value of $2.50-$5 per follower on their service. 
Facebook states a value of $2-$10 per like/friend on their service
YouTube states a value of $3-10 per subscriber on their service.

The suspension of any account is an act of conversion. (What does that mean?) When Twitter suspends an account with 150,000 followers, it has effectively converted those followers back to their dollar value ($375,000-750,000 USD) and that money must be immediately paid to the individual who owns those followers, i.e. the account-holder. Yet Twitter has refused to return this stolen money to the holder of any account it has suspended. 

Courts have also held repeatedly that any company which refuses an arbitration process regarding a contract is in breach of contract. (A company need not include an arbitration clause, however, they must submit to and comply with binding arbitration, which is heavily weighted on the behalf of the individual requesting arbitration, not the corporation complying with said arbitration, in terms of case law.) 

Yet Twitter, Facebook and Google have not consented to a single arbitration hearing, and have actively avoided arbitration hearings, and courts which have upheld arbitration hearings for similar corporations under similar circumstances have dropped the ball on these companies. Is it coincidence or accident? 
No, there are no coincidences or accidents. And that is why we must circulate this petition and raise mass awareness of censorship. Only when there are millions of witnesses to these crimes can justice truly belong to The People. 

You are a hero. Everyone who signs - you are a hero. Never forget that you are a hero and a fighter for free speech for all. 

0 have signed. Let’s get to 25,000!
At 25,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on Change.org!