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Stop CreepShots!


Trigger warning: nonconsent, voyeurism, rape

"Followed her out of the store to get a good shot of that ass" - Comment on Facebook CreepShots

Creepshots are nonconsensual sexualised photos of women taken in public, then shared online amongst (mostly) anonymous, male users. The photos are usually close ups of areas such as breasts, buttocks, and crotches, and "upskirt" photos are common. It is likely that some of the women featured are underage.

This behaviour is going on across the most prominent social media platforms. The Twitter account alone has over 85,600 followers. People have already been reporting these pages to no avail.

From the CreepShots tumblr:

"What is a ‘CreepShot’ you ask? Easy. Creepshots are CANDID pictures. If a person is posing or aware that a picture is being taken, then it is no longer a creepshot. A true creepshot captures the natural sexy, embarrassing or funny aspect of the subject mater/person without their knowledge."

A sample of comments from the moderators on their Facebook group:

- "She's not asking for it, she's begging for it."
- "Always a target whenever shopping. She better hope I dont run into her in the parking lot on a dark night"
- "Nothing special but there might be something under those panties that I might like"
- "Obviously wants the d and I am willing to give it to her, whether she likes it or not"

It is shameful that Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr would host content of this nature that degrades women and creates a world unsafe for us. This behaviour - and the lack of consequences for it - both highlights and perpetuates the pervasiveness of our rape culture.

We want the pages taken down and to have content of this nature explicitly disallowed by your terms of use and policies.

We also want to look into possible legal consequences for those taking part.

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    David Karp
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    Mark Zuckerberg
  • CEO Twitter
    Dick Costolo
  • CEO Yahoo
    Marissa Mayer

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