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Bring Back Vine

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Vine promoted creativity and positivity, both of which we need now more than ever. 

The ability to create a whole world in the span of six seconds took patience and creativity, and was admired by Vines 100 million monthly users. To this day, 7 months after being shut down, Vine compilations archived on YouTube are some of the most popular videos they offer. 

With 200 million active users, 71% of which were millennials, it made no logical sense to kill the app. In our current tech based age, where advertisers are itching for more influence on social media, Vine was ready and fertilized to take on that challenge. With apps like Snapchat and Instagram embracing this tech capitalism, Vine decided to back out and die now. 

Theres still interest in Vine, with a large percentage of Twitters millennial users tweeting daily asking for the social media platform to be brought back. The community offered by the app was and still is unparalleled. While you may not have much in common with the kid sitting next to you in class, you are both familiar with Harambe and deez nuts. So much so, that these two memes entered in the 2016 election and gained enough votes to earn a spot in some polls across the country. 

What we want is not an elaborate social media platform, but a place to connect with others on a basic level over light hearted jokes that happened to be contained in six second long videos.  

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