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Suspend ExtremeBlitzz on Twitter.

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Nowadays, technology plays a huge part in our lives. A lot of people use the internet as a means of communication. Some others just use it as a source of information. But, a fuckton of people also use it for memes- specimens of infectious culture.

Memes are a way to make people laugh, they are a product of wittiness and humour. Memers from all around the world are spending multiple hours a day, just because they want to entertain their audiences.

However, there are also "joke thieves" in the meme community, aka. "meme nabbers". Joke thieves really are buzzkills. You know them, you talk to them, and you despise them. But, meme nabbers are much worse than joke thieves. These losers just straight up steal somebody's idea and take full credit- their behaviour is nefarious. We can't let these freaks destroy our memes, just because they don't know how to photoshop, or because they aren't smart enough to meme for themselves. We have to stop them.

But first, we have to take care of a huge threat in the memeing community, known as "ExtremeBlitz" (Twitter user; @ExtremeBlitzz). This person who has the persona of a blue duck is infamous for stealing other peoples' memes in seconds. He is going to destroy all of us- he is significantly affecting the meme economy and his behaviour will leave us- the memers- homeless, or even dead.

We have to stop him before it's too late. 

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