Ban Repeat Offenders, Logan Paul, Jake Paul From Twitch & YouTube!! - Sign This Petition!!

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Over the years many people have become live streamers on the platform known as twitch, many people who used to be a YouTuber on the social media video platform known as YouTube have recently moved to twitch as a result of YouTube's ongoing censorship issues which followed after Logan Paul, with complete knowledge of what he was doing, decided to upload a video of him visiting the suicide forest in Japan, showing off a dead body, following on from that, Logan Paul apologizes, takes a break from YouTube, returns and then uploads a video of him tasing a rat and giving a fish CPR, which by the way is classed as animal abuse. then he uploads a video of him delivering merch to KSI's house, with nothing blurred out meaning that he was leaking KSI's Private Information. Time after time, YouTube has given Logan Paul chance after chance, and every time he promises that he won't cause problems and carries on causing problems, this has affected the whole YouTube community as well as advertisers and Google Inc (adpocalypse),  as a whole, making people move to twitch as a result (because of the media and the government pressurising YouTube to use any means of censorship possible)  is making YouTube lose money as a result. now it appears that Logan Paul himself has decided to move to twitch and start using the platform, however seeing as twitch now bans any streamers on grounds of bad behaviour outside of twitch, I am suggesting that Logan Paul should be banned immediately from their platform to prevent twitch from losing money and to prevent twitch from being pressurised by media outlets and the government due to social media backlash. 

With your help we can stop Logan Paul from causing harm to the much loved twitch platform. Please make it happen. #BanLoganPaulFromTwitch #BanJakePaulFromTwitch #BanJakePaulFromYouTube #BanLoganPaulFromYouTube