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Dear Twitch Community,

TwinkleCave has been banned off since January 1st, 2018 and this petition is to get to revoke her ban. 

The story behind the ban is it was New Years Eve, and Twinkle decided to have a "Anyone Can Join" Rust Party! Anyone from the Rust community could join the game and hopefully spend their what would have been boring New Years with others. The plan backfired when a specific individual (and his friends) began spamming the N-word over and over in game. The individual was removed from the server (Twinkle was an admin). The individual then pretended to be a new viewer and asked if he could join the discord. Of course he was allowed due to the nature of the event, and again started screaming the N-word again. So this individual was again banned from another platform. In his final attempt to get his bigotry and immaturity across he began donating through a PayPal donation service. His message while extremely offensive needs to be said, so this is what it was. F*ck N*ggers. Women are Objects. Burn the Jews. (Spammed roughly 20 times). Twinkle extremely offended by this (being both part black and a woman) went to PayPal and read the persons name that had donated aloud telling him to stop being racist. This sparked him (and possibly his friends) to create accounts to spam "DOXING" in her chat of 30+ viewers. 

After this event Twinkle awoke to an indefinite ban on (of which she was doing full time). We are creating this petition to try and gain some attention from the Twitch community that streamers should not have to tolerate continuous racist, anti Semitic, and sexism. 


TL;DR - User enters game chat, voice chat, and donates money with text to speech saying the N word. Streamer reads their name and tells them to stop being racist in a last ditch effort to get rid of this individual. Twitch responds with an indefinite ban.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

-A Long Time Viewer


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