Prevent creation of racist/homophobic usernames on twitch

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Twitch announced their support for black creators but is still yet to add a better filter for username creations. It’s a well known and long over due issue. By not preventing this behavior, Twitch is making it easier for their creators to be targeted by hate speech while live. We’ve been asking for an improvement on filtering usernames without even a word from Twitch. Twitch asked us to hold them accountable and watch them closely. We have watched closely, but now it’s time to hold them accountable. They need to realize the damage this can cause to their creators and that it affects everyone. Even those who are not POC/LGBTQIA+ have these people show up in their chat to cause disruptions. While we can remove them from the chat, these usernames should not have been permitted in the first place. It’s reckless and encourages toxic behavior to still thrive in the gaming community.