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Make E3 accessible with closed captioning on Twitch

The community of individuals with disabilities who are gamers is much larger than people think. There are over 1 billion people with disabilities in the world, and over 56 million in the United States. We are the world's largest minority, and often the most ignored by companies who do not realize how much spending power we truly have.

All we wish is that we be included and able to view the largest conference for gamers each year, E3. Because closed captioning is not offered on Twitch a large number of gamers with disabilities - those who are deaf/hard of hearing, as well as those with intellectual disabilities, autism, and even some physical disabilities, have been excluded from watching the conference.

By including closed captioning on Twitch, you would not only be opening the conference up to people with disabilities, you would also have the opportunity to include gamers who do not speak English. It could open up E3 to the entire world.

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