give dellor back his sub button

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On May 23rd 2019 Twitch took away my partnership. I was retroactively punished for things I did over 2 years ago. I don't know if it's permanent or if I have a chance to earn it back. I have reached out through every avenue possible and have contacted over 30 people and no one has given me a response.

I am sorry for what I have done. Twitch is my entire life. Twitch got me out of section

8 living in poverty. I dropped out of school, gave up my family and friends, and have barely any experiences in life other than video games and the internet. I sacrificed everything in my life for this. My family thought I was a loser and gave up on me. I was homeless multiple times.

I always had faith streaming would become a thing, and eventually it did. The stars aligned and playing video games and streaming finally became a possible career. I kept grinding and after a few years, my stream started to take off.

I have consistantly been one of the top 50 growing streams on twitch, maintain 2-4k average viewers, and have thousands of youtube videos full of funny and positive content with millions of views. I have had offers from TSM, Luminosity Gaming, and others. I've been sponsored by game companies to showcase their game on my stream. I can put out positive content and make Twitch money in the process.

I have been depressed and have had crippling anxiety for many years, even before the ban. I was finally starting to reach out and get help to fix my problems. I was speaking with a doctor and other twitch partners about how to improve myself and the stream. I was hanging out with friends more to help with my social anxiety, was eating better, and having therapy sessions to fix my mental state. And then I messed up and got myself banned. Please don't let me life end like this. I want to fix myself.

The last 3 months of my life have been filled with anxiety, depression, and fear. I have cried my eyes out every single day since this has happened. I wake up every night with panic attacks, fearing for my future. I have absolutely nothing outside of Twitch. I want to be normal again, please. I want my life back. I understand the severity of what I have done and I am sorry. Please don't let mistakes I made years ago when I had 10 viewers and was living in section 8 with no hope for my future define who I am.

Please let me continue working with you, Twitch, so I can keep making thousands of lives better. I don't expect partnership any time soon, but can I please earn at least affiliate back so I can pay my bills. If I mess up again perma ban me. I promise I have changed from this. This has been the most painful experience I've ever been through.


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