Twin Nova Scotia's Highway 103

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I lost my first friend to Highway 103 - the Highway of Death - over 20 years ago. Lee was an incredible athlete and great friend to anyone who knew him. He should never have died. The road should have already been twinned.

We cannot wait any longer. Our politicians must act today.

10 years after Lee died, I was able to help rescue my friend’s sister from yet another crash on Highway 103. While she made it, others didn’t. As a firefighter, it was one of my worst memories. Sadly, I did not know the worst was yet to come. 

We pulled body after body out of vehicles for nearly two straight years along the short stretch of highway. I lost count of the dead. Over and over again, politicians promised to twin Highway 103 to make it safer for drivers.

15 more years have passed. I've lost three more friends. In numbers, it pales to compare to the >70 others who have lost their lives on Highway 103 in recent years. Thousands more have been injured, their lives altered forever.

Between 2007 and 2015, there were over 1000 collisions, over 30 resulting in deaths on this brutal road. You are 4x as likely to be on a collision, and 3x as likely to be in a deadly one on Highway 103, compared to Nova Scotia Highways 101 or 104. 

Nothing is going to bring my friends back, but no one else needs to die senselessly. The time for action is now - construction must begin on Nova Scotia's Highway of Death. Highway 103 must be twinned and upgraded. Let politicians know you want action!