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Twin Highway 63

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The reason for this petition is to finally twin the highway. There has been too many deaths on this highway and changes need to be made now not later


This deadly stretch of highway has caused numerous fatal collisions on this highway
It is no wonder why the Highway 63 also carries with it the title of deadliest road in the province.


When lives are lost and people seriously injured REGULARLY, & hwy 63 is known provincially as the "Death Highway", government should clue in. We don't need just parts done here and there. We need it ALL done...yesterday!! How much do these accidents cost health care & insurance companies? The cost of a few miles of pavement? How about a life? Is that worth paving a couple more miles? Wake up and check the stats. 3rd largest city in Alberta. 1 st in providing for the economy. How many accidents? We're worth more than this.

Horrible weather and people drive way to fast , whats the rush for? no patient at all!! A windy slippery foggy snowy road and the wind blows your vehicle away when the over loaded big trucks passed by!!! overtaking the commercial trucks and not thinking ahead there is oncoming traffic ugh just made me really upset!!! cant even slow down ! 7 people died today and for what so yoou caan get somewhere 20 min earlyer , its not worth anything to speed or pass anyone on a friggen hill / thats why they make the solid lines .


Please help us bring light to the delay of the twinning of Highway 63. Please inform the viewers that most accidents that take place on 63 are from ill drivers. Why is it that this highway is not done yet? Where are the funds for it? Where are the workers? HELP US PLEASE!!! This is a serious issue for us. Young people and mature people come up here, make big money and... think they can do anything, that nothing will stop them and then they kill others. I am a wife and mother of two, my parents live here in Fort McMurray, my friends live here. We are not a dirty town to be neglected and turned a blind eye to. Media coverage by a giant like yourselves can help us make the government act, make this project move forward at more than a pace of a snail. Work with us, the people of Fort McMurray and further north.

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