Remove the British Tribe Next Door from TV

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TVNZ is airing a programme called the 'British Tribe Next Door' which follows a TV reality British family as they spend time living in a village in Namibia in a house that is a replica of their house in the UK.

This show breaches the Broadcasting Standards, no.6 and Discrimination and Denigration .

The village consists of mud huts, no running power or water and the villagers have not succumbed to western clothes.  This show makes fun of Africans and implies that Africans are savages, a racist rhetoric that all black people face every day.

This show is not a documentary or a teachable moment either. It plays into the ignorant  views people already have of a diverse continent rich with countless cultures and ways of living. It chooses to focus on the racist narrow minded view that was used to enslave African people and colonise African lands. It is told through a biased white Western lens. 

They do not give the village the respect they deserve. It is both a mockery and an affront. It provides fresh material for racists to tell black people they are savages and animals. 

Make no mistake, this show is racist.

This show was also produced by non-Africans, and those who have criticized us for being offended are neither black nor African.

When it aired in the UK, the official broadcasting complaints committee received 60 complaints and there were numerous articles on its racist undertones so why is TVNZ airing it? Is this wilful blindness?

Take a stand. Lets get this programme off air. This is not OK on any level.