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Stop the broadcasting of bullfights on TVE Internacional

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Dear Board of Directors of RTVE,

In September 2012 a bullfight has been broadcast on the international TVE channels. This broadcast reached countries where a tradition of bullfighting is non existent. In some of those countries bullfighting is even prohibited by law. At the same time, the majority of the inhabitants of these countries is against the cruel and unethical torture that takes place during a bullfight. This is not only the case in the countries without a bullfighting tradition, but in Spain and all other bullfighting countries the majority of society is opposed to bullfighting as well.

With your September broadcast you may have started a new period of bullfighting on television. As members of the international audience we request you to stop transmitting bullfights on the international TVE channels. We do not want to be confronted with the severe animal abuse that exists in Spain or in any of the other bullfighting countries. If you do not end the broadcast of bullfighting we will take action to stop the transmission of TVE Internacional in our countries.

We hope you will consider our request and that you will stop broadcasting bullfights on TVE.

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