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Make John Kassir the voice of the Crypt Keeper in the Tales From the Crypt reboot

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Greetings, Boils and Ghouls at TNT studios,

It has come to our attention that TNT intends to somehow, in some way, reboot a franchise near and dear to the hearts of so many horror fans: Tales From the Crypt. Arguably, Tales From the Crypt has left a bigger imprint on pop culture than any other televised horror anthology series. The shows punny, enigmatically ghoulish host finds himself in the same league as iconic heavy hitters like Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers and Chucky. While so many of us were undoubtedly filled with child-like excitement before clicking on articles relaying the news that Tales From the Crypt would be returning to the small screen, that enthusiasm quickly turned to disgust when we read the details.

While many are skeptical of what M Night Shyamalan may bring to the Tales From the Cypt brand, others are curious and optimistic. Your choice of involving Shyamalan however, is not the real issue. What we were truly horrified to learn was that John Kassir, the voice actor responsible for the Crypt Keeper’s signature laugh and delivery of famous banter, was not contacted to be involved in this project. He stated on Twitter that no one has yet asked him to reprise this role, a role we believe would be foolish to consider anyone else for.

We ask then, “What was the plan, TNT?”

Are you really, seriously considering bringing back Tales From the Crypt without the Crypt Keeper as he was voiced by John Kassir? Or worse yet, Tales From the Crypt without the Crypt Keeper at all? Not only would this decision be arrogant and unwise, it would without question dilute the magic that has made the show so beloved to so many even after years of being off the air. As dedicated fans of Tales From the Crypt and horror in general, we demand that John Kassir be invited back to reprise the role of the Crypt Keeper, shoes that he and he alone could fill. Should our demands not be met, we will use our power of influence and black magick to ensure that your Tales From the Crypt reboot is doomed to fester in a shallow grave of poor response. Wouldn’t that be the pits?


Tales From the Crypt fans   

Romie Romak

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