Please Help to Prevent Older Australians from Financial Hardship in their Late-lives

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The Government announced Tightening of Residency Requirements for Age Pension and Disability Support Pension Eligibility effective from 1st July 2018.

The New enhanced residency requirements for the Age pension & disability support pension will require claimants to have up to 15 years of continuous Australian residence requirements, instead of 5 years continuous residence together with 10 cumulative years residence, 3 times as long as the current continuous residency requirements.

One of Our Compelling Stories:

My parents have started helping me to look after my child since my child was 3 months old in order for me to do full-time work in financial field.

My parents subsequently became permanent residents in 2007. After they have looked after my child for a considerable number of years, now my parents are going to turn 78 and 82 years of age in 2018 respectively.

My parents would qualify for the age pension in 2019 under the current residency requirements, but will no longer qualify under the new tighten proposal until after further 10 more continuous years in 2029.

  1. The proposal has not recognised the value and contributions that these Older migrants have brought to our community, to the stability of society. Older Migrants often play a crucial unpaid role as carers for their grandchildren in family networks. their contributions have enabled their children who are often taxpayers and Australian citizens to concentrate on work, to contribute to the national economy and reduce the need for childcare funding from the government.
  2. Under the tighten proposal, it will have a real the biggest financial hardship on that Older people Primarily Older Migrants especially in their middle of 70s age will not able financially live at an adequate basic standard of living & in their dignity in the very late of their lives.
  3. these Elderly seniors may not have much longer time to meet the new proposed residency requirements to qualify for the age pension.

It is unfair changes to these Seniors in their middle of 70s.

Please help Elderly Senior Australians by Signing my petition calling on the Turnbull government to get Elderly Seniors aged 75 & above on 1st July 18 to EXEMPT from the New Tighten residency requirements for the Age Pension & disability support pension in accordance with the humanitarianism, and as for COMPASSIONATE GROUNDS for Ministerial Discretion.

Please sign & share this petition & play your part in preventing Elderly Australians from considerable financial hardship.

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1. Tightening Residency Requirements for Age Pension & Disability Support Pension eligibility in Federal Budget Review 2017-18:

2. Labour opposed to these changes.

3. FECCA (The Federation of Ethnic Communities Councils of Australia) has raised concerns that the measures will disproportionately impact migrant Australians. 

FECCA believes that migrant Australians should not be punished in their older age or because they require support for living with a disability.

FECCA concerned about impact of key budget measures on migrant Australians: