Turn a long neglected plot into a small community park

Turn a long neglected plot into a small community park

August 16, 2022
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Why this petition matters

The city of Johns Creek is currently updating its Strategic Parks Plan. This petition asks the city and its parks consultants consider placing a small park (passive or 'pocket' park) where a small business building has sat empty for more than 15-years. These parks essentially leave open space for walking/play/dog parks, etc.)

  • There are several neighborhoods and apartment complexes near 11085 State Bridge Road in the Ocee section of Johns Creek that have no community resources such as swim/tennis or open play space for residents that is within walking distance for kids/elderly.
  • 11085 State Bridge Road has been occupied by an eyesore building that is boarded up and has sat empty for at least 15 years.
  • The owner has previously tried to turn the land into even more high density housing that would crowd an already congested location.
  • The building sits on nearly 3 acres of land and fronts one of the busiest and overly commercial sections of road in the city.
  • The neighborhood behind the building (Long Indian Creek) already suffers from storm water drainage issues. Incorporating natural landscaping could help with this ongoing issue with backyards flooding.
  • The park could incorporate the natural creek that flows on the property but is hidden by overgrowth.
  • By adding a small park and removing that building, the city would immediately improve the aesthetics of one of its most visible areas, provide park space for thousands in the area and increase the home values in some of John's Creek's older neighborhoods.
  • State Bridge Road already has a heavy commercial/business setting and allowing 11085 State Bridge to become yet another business or high density housing will lower the appeal of nearby neighborhoods. 
  • The city has built two small parks on State Bridge east of Jones Bridge Road, but none west of Jones Bridge at one of the most prominent entries into the city.

Please help turn this location into a point of community pride, add to the appeal of Johns Creek and give more residents access to park space. You can also submit your support of this idea here: https://engageplanplayjc.com/participate/ 


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Signatures: 802Next Goal: 1,000
Support now

Decision Makers

  • Chris CoughlinCity Council Post 4
  • Dilip TunkiCity Council Post 1
  • John BradberryMayor
  • Stacy SkinnerCity Council Post 2
  • Bob ErramilliCity Council Post 3