Reverse Turkey's Unjust Ban on Charities Rehoming Dogs & Cats Abroad

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Thousands of unwanted and uncared for Turkish street dogs and cats have loving homes waiting for them abroad.  However the government has placed an immediate ban on all the exporting of these needy animals due to unsubstatiated and ludicrous claims of an individual on social media that the animals are being eaten/used for sex acts and other immoral activities within the UK. Clearly this is a conspiracy theory on steroids.

There is no proof being offered, no communication with the DEFRA registrered transport companies or the registered charities as to their views on this issue.  All the charities involved can prove that the dogs and cats in their care are going to legimate family homes.

This is potentially putting a death sentence on animals who have long been neglected and unloved.  Please can you sign on their behalf to have this ban lifted, to give them a chance of a life with people who care.