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17 Kurdish children ended a hunger strike in a Mersin jail in Turkey but remained imprisoned.

There are now reports of Kurdish children having been sexually assaulted in Ponzanti Prison, Adana, Turkey!

There are 2,221 children, mostly Kurds, in Turkish jails according to the National Judicial Network in Turkey. 

Children should be at school and not be forced to go on hunger strike because they have been put in prison without trial or have to endure rape and sexual harrasment in jail.

Letter to
Turkish Justice Ministry Turkish Justice Ministry
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Turkish Justice Ministry.


Children should be at homes with their families and going to school not being raped in jail and having to start a hunger strike to draw attention to their plight in a cold and friendless jail in Turkey.

We are appalled that in the 21st Century children are being jailed in Turkey and demand that you release all children in Turkey's jails!