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Turkey: The Rape of Luna


Tell the Mayor of Turkey that dogs are being raped behind his office...He NEEDS to find the disgusting pervert and charge him in a court of law.

He needs to make an example of this individual, send a clear message: We won't tolerate nor accept this brutal abuse upon innocent animals!

The rape took place right behind the building of the Sincan Municipality in Ankara, Turkey.
A few meters away from a building constantly monitored by security. A dog is being raped, her screams are loud, can obviously be heard from a distance...

But nobody did anything...?

Tell him: Today was a Dog, Tomorrow a Child...

Mustafa Tuna (DIRECT LINE) : 90 3122693830
email (he checks them himself):


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  • Mayor of Sincan (Ankara)
    Mayor Mustafa Tuna

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