Remove neo-nazis and white supremacists from Tumblr

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Following Discord's recent shutdown of racist alt-right servers, we ask that Tumblr takes neo-nazis and other white supremacy groups more seriously instead of repeatedly ignoring reports on violent language.

I've reported several neo-nazi types to staff, including those who have posts like "gas the k-kes" and "kill n-gger apes" alongside nazi imagery and romanticized portraits of Hitler.  This is the response I get every time.

> Hello,

> Thanks for bringing this to our attention; we really appreciate your efforts to make

> Tumblr a safer place for everyone.

> We do strongly suggest you block this user. You can find out more about how to 

> do that here:

Tumblr staff - by ignoring the rampant and violent hate problem within their community - are providing a safe place for violent fascists and other racists to feel at home. 

This specially ironic since Tumblr pretends to stand with Charlottesville victims despite actively hosting neo-nazi groups.  

It's outrageous that Tumblr staff refuses to ban these hate communities, and even more insulting that they pretend to be at the forefront of social justice.  We want our communities to feel safe, and that cannot continue with the large neo-nazi presence.  Multiple have already died in the past few months because of this ideology.

It's clear that Tumblr will not respond to anything except negative publicity or advertisers leaving their network.  So please let them know how the Tumblr community feels by signing and sharing.

What we need to happen:

1. Take reports more seriously.  Do not just ask the user to block a dangerous user.

2. Explicitly condemn this hate speech in your Terms of Service.  Although it already is to an extent, staff does not seem to follow their own rules.

3. Stop giving a safe place for Nazis and white nationalists.  This behavior has NO place on Tumblr and you must remove those inciting hatred and violence.

4. Assign moderators to deal with this issue internally.

Thank you for your help.