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Recently, the blog got unfairly terminated. It was a pro-recovery blog that I worked hard on for two years and gained over 3000 followers helping and supporting those in recovery from a restrictive eating disorder. The blog, according to numerous feedback from users, was helping to save their lives.

Three years ago I had a severe eating disorder and misused Tumblr at that time by posting thinspo etc to my personal blog - For the past 2.5 years I have been in recovery and have now been fully recovered for over 6 months. For the past two and a half years I did not post content that was promoting anorexia or any other eating disorders, because I was firmly in recovery and not in that mindset any more.

I went on to make a blog called everythingeatingdisordered - a recovery blog that over a couple of years became very successful and has helped countless people in their recoveries. I worked very hard: spending over 20 hours a week answering people's questions and providing them with support, encouragement, and information.

Three days ago my blog thisistheanswertonothing was terminated for the content posted three years ago: content I did not have the time to delete because there was about six months worth of it - content that no one would see unless they went back three years on my blog to find. And to clarify: since around 6 months into my recovery there has been no such content.

Because thisistheanswertonothing was my main blog, all my other blogs that had no damaging content were deleted, which included my recovery blog everythingeatingdisordered, which was a positive and safe space that was helping a significant amount of people - some who had nowhere else to go. I have put around two years worth of work into making it an informative, helpful, and inspiring space for people in recovery from eating disorders and I am devastated that it has been deleted just because the blog terminated was made the "master" blog (something you can't change on Tumblr).

Please help me try to get it restored. 

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