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No more SJWs (Social Justice Warriors)

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SJWs or (Social Justice Warriors) need to get off of the internet especially Tumblr. The reason for that is that SJWs are too sensitive and make claims to an argument that they are not sure of. For example if a SJW reads a comment saying that Starbucks is stuck up a SJW would post a whole article complaining about that one comment. If they are too sensitive over one comment then they should get off of the internet so they won't get offended. Even though most people are sensitive about someone's comment on the internet at least they don't post a long article saying why they are offended. I think if all SJWs get off of the internet people would be happier. I think you should put a rule down where if an article is posted about explaining why that person is offended by a simple comment THAT WASN'T A BIG DEAL you should delete that article.But if they refuse get rid of their account or ban them. I think this new feature for YouTube,Tumblr,Facebook and other websites would make the internet,me, and most of it's users happier if this was done. If you support this thank you! :)

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