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Bar Catherine Brennan from Tumblr

Catherine Brennan is a lawyer in Maryland who is using their legal leverage to intimidate trans* women and their supporters from retaliating against Catherine's venomous attacks on trans* women.

One such supporter, myself (queernonymoose on tumblr), has set up a tumblr post campaign basically outlining who to contact (the Maryland Attorney Grievance Board) to report Ms. Brennan for unethical behavior. Catherine Brennan has repeatedly sent Tumblr false accusations of my posts containing copyrighted information, and has gotten Tumblr to delete 6 posts of mine (two of which were the actual post campaigns with said information above, and one stating that I had received a complaint letter from Tumblr). She has even gone so far as to threaten someone who supported a campaign against her by claiming they would post personal information about said person on the internet.

Tell Tumblr that false reports are bad, and that someone trying to claim legal power to push those false reports through is just as horrible and unethical!

Catherine Brennan's tumblr name is bugbrennan.

For evidence of her abuses, and her false reports, please contact me via tumblr at

Want to file a grievance?

Due to numerous grievances and complaints of stalking, mistreatment, and abuse against trans* women and their allies, I am conducting a campaign for those with similar grievances to contact the Maryland Bar Association and/or the Maryland Attorney Grievance Board.

To contact the Attorney Grievance Board, visit here.

To contact the Maryland State Bar (which doesn’t handle complaints, but you are free to let them know about Catherine Brennan), visit here.

Catherine Brennan is clearly upset and knows that these grievances can come with serious consequences, hence why she has taken such drastic actions.

Please reblog widely and report this transmisogynistic radical feminist!

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