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Cease all planning meetings and the process to bring the Martins to campus for* Tufts Hillel

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As concerned students and student organizations we feel that your event will not be in support of Black people but instead exploitative and potentially traumatic for Black students on this campus. Although your desire is acknowledged, and your intentions are appreciated, there are fundamental issues with bringing the parents of Trayvon Martin to campus to discuss 'gun violence'. First and foremost, we concerned students ask what do you mean by gun violence? According to Wikipedia: "Gun violence is violence committed with the use of a gun. It may or may not be considered criminal." The murdering of Trayvon Martin was not just an act of “gun violence”, it was a manifestation of a white-centered, capitalist, imperialist, and violently anti-black system. A system that Hillel fundamentally privileges, abides by, and executes from.

When supporting the Israeli Defense Forces Lieutenant to speak here just last semester (see: Dr. Eran Shamir-Borer, one of the primary architects of this summer's massacres in Gaza) you all made a choice to ignore, condone, and ultimately celebrate the mass genocide of Palestinians. You have all made a choice to promote and support Israeli human rights abuses against African immigrants and Palestinians. Palestinian struggle is Black struggle in the same way that Black struggle is Palestinian struggle. We share the same mission: our Liberation. Therefore, by bringing in the parents of Trayvon Martin to clear your guilty conscious, you ultimately exploit the Martin Family's image and this we can not ignore.

Although it may not be your intention to be "racist" or "anti-black” Hillel is a multifaceted national institution, and the local Tufts charter is but one branch of many that is incapable of total autonomy in its mission, goals, or actions.

Simply put, we, the concerned primarily-Black students on this campus do not agree with your event which will effectively exploit the murder of Black people in order to host a superficial discussion on liberal reform - all the while completely ignoring the imperial, capitalist, White-centered, and anti-black system that you support.

 We, the signed Black voices and allies on this campus, believe that this keynote must be changed and criticized as we defy the power and privileges vested in Hillel. 

This will not go uncontested.

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