Allow more sustainable practices in Tucson

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Tucson is a desert.  Water is scarce, and Tucsonans' water use practices must be improved.  Current Tucson policies do not allow for Tucsonans to establish sustainable urban wildlife habitats and urban food production systems.

The “Hugelkultur” garden allows for significant conservation of water.  Unfortunately, it resembles a compost pile  while it is getting established.  Compost piles in certain locations are in direct violation of current Code.  We understand that compost piles that are not properly cared for can become hazards to community welfare and health.  We also understand that properly cared for compost piles, coupled with other sustainable practices, provide immediate relief and long lasting benefits to our limited resources.

We, the undersigned, request that sustainability practices be encouraged in Tucson, and that the City Code be updated to reflect this.  We request that the City Council take advantage of every opportunity for encouraging the use of sustainability practices, rather than fining Tucsonans for saving our most precious resource.

We ask that the charges against Tres English in regards to his Hugelkultur garden and other sustainable practices be dropped, and the code enforcement be updated to reflect that sustainable practices in Tucson shall be encouraged, not discouraged.