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TUAPA Shelter in Taiwan: Stop Animal Cruelty inside the shelter!

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There are over 600 dogs in the TUAPA shelter now. A lot of them have been kept in the shelter for years. Most of them will not make it out alive. Please view the album to see why these dogs are desperately in need of help:

We want to be the voice for the unspoken.  It is WRONG to use "Animal Protection" as facade and allow "Animal Cruelty" in the shelter.


*07/28/2015 Updates*

In the past month, there's a huge change happening in TUAPA shelter.  Out of the disappointment in the Mayor and his office and the desperation for the dogs' future, the volunteers decided to run for the shelter's new board election..3 days before the deadline!

The volunteers have won.  They took 8 seats out of 11 in the new board. Average votes for Volunteers : Shelter Management = 233 : 215.  The success belongs to every single one of us!  Thank you for signing our petition, writing to the Mayor, raising awareness of the shelter cruelty, drawing media attention and inspiring more people to help.

We’ve given it a good thought and decided we are NOT declaring victory of the petition.  Our goal is not just electing certain people into the board.  It is a good start, but not the end.  The real victory will be when all the dogs in TUAPA shelter are under great care and have the chances to go home.

The truth is the government still ignores the animal’s suffering.  The road to rebuild a safe and decent environment for the dogs is still long.  The new board is facing great challenges but we have trust in them.  We trust them to always have the dogs' welfare in hearts and always take action for the dogs they love.  We see hope in TUAPA shelter again.

God bless the dogs and their people!


*05/31/2015 Update*

Finally our petition has reached Mayor Lin’s office.  On 5/28/2015 Mayor Lin emailed back to us.  He said he has forwarded our case to Agriculture Bureau (Animal Protection and Health Inspection Office) for investigation.

Over the years, we have often been disappointed and let down by hypocritical politicians and government officials.  Unfortunately, the Animal Protection Office is one of them.  They are NOT protecting the animals in TUAPA shelter!

There have been multiple animal abuse complaints filed against TUAPA shelter.  The Animal Protection Inspectors have made trips to the shelter. They came back stating there is nothing found in the shelter that is against animal protection law. (Cases closed on 9/18/14, 3/11/15, 3/19/15, 4/13/15, 5/19, 5/20, 5/22, 5/27, 5/29 and more.)

We have reasons to believe the Animal Protection and Health Inspection Office is just as corrupted as TUAPA shelter.  Please look at the pictures again:

Mr. Mayor, do YOU see what we see here?


*05/21/2015 Update*

First we want to say "Thank You" for signing the petition to help stop animal cruelty in TUAPA shelter.  There are approximately 600 dogs being neglected by the shelter management.  Unfortunately, we are failing.  This is our last resort and we NEED YOUR HELP to save 600 dogs.

Please help us bring awareness to the newly elected Mayor Lin Chia-lung.  We want Mayor Lin to know there are people from all 5 continents signing this petition against animal cruelty FOR HIS CITY!  We are here to be the voice for the dogs and Mayor Lin needs to hear it!

This is how you can help:

  1. SHARE this petition!
  2. Send Facebook message or email to Mayor Lin.  This is the sample message that you can use, but please feel free to add your personal message.

“Dear Mayor Lin,

Animal rights advocates around the world are urging you to STOP animal cruelty in TUAPA shelter in your city.  The allowance of these conditions in TUAPA shelter is the shame of the city.

Please live up to your campaign for animal protection and take charge to regulate and reform TUAPA shelter.


Animal Lover from [City, Country]”


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