Allow high school basketball players in Tennessee to roll their shorts

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NFL legend Deion Sanders once  said, " if you look good, you feel good, if you feel good, you play good." For Tennessee basketball players, we all have nice jerseys and look good, but the TSSAA rules prevent us from wearing our shorts comfortably. Current rules prevent us from rolling our shorts, a practice  that almost every basketball player has done at some point in their life. Rolling of shorts is not what hoopers do to "look cool"or standout, the rolling of  shorts is done so that  individuals can control the length of their shorts. As high school players, our schools do not buy uniforms that are fitted to make every individual player feel comfortable. Rolling our shorts was one way we could make our shorts fit better, and make us more comfortable on the court. Help your fellow Tennessee hoopers gain back what the TSSAA took from us... the ability to roll our shorts.