Ensure Privately Run Water Utilities Meet Higher Standards

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Johnson Utilities fails to provide quality water and water management to its customers in San Tan Valley, AZ. Over and over again they are found in violation of water quality violations, poor customer service, sewage spills, faulty equipment and more. The ACC has found that their infrastructure wouldn't pass the standards of the surrounding Municipal water systems in the surrounding towns of Queen Creek and Florence. The town of Queen Creek noted that it would take millions of dollars to bring Johnson Utilities up to meet their municipal standard. The residents of San Tan Valley have been facing the following fears every day for at least a decade:

  • Do I have enough water pressure to shower for work? 
  • Can I give my kids a bath? 
  • Can I do my laundry? 
  • If there is a fire, will my house be saved or will there be no water to save it? 
  • Will I be able to sell my home if there are so many water problems? 
  • Will there be another sewage spill in my subdivision? 
  • Is my water free from e. coli and nitrates? 
  • Why does my laundry room always smell like sulfates?
  • Can I drink this water? 
  • Can I brush my teeth with this water? 

This private utility squeaks by providing water services at the bare minimum of the state requirements. The residents of San Tan valley & Customers of Johnson Utilities want the state to raise the minimum private water utility requirements for management, infrastructure to reduce the number of violations, & maintain consistent delivery and water quality. The questions above should be eliminated as daily stressors from the Johnson Utilities customers. 

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