Try the "Dallas Serial Rapist" as an adult

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On November 27th around 7:30 pm my girlfriend Maria Ezquerro was murdered in her apartment by the man dubbed the "Dallas Serial Rapist" by the media.

Not much information has been released about Maria. She was a very sweet person who wanted nothing but the best for anyone. She liked art and geometry. She was quiet and soft spoken and always kind to those around her. She had just graduated with honors from UNT, had just gotten her first job, and I had just helped her move into her first apartment a week before she was killed. She had her entire life ahead of her.

After getting home from work she heard a knock on her door. He said that he needed help and asked to borrow her phone. Being the good person she was she opened the door to help. He barged in with a gun and tried to rape her. As she fought back he strangled her to death. Prior to this he had raped 4-5 women in a similar manner.

In an interview from October Deputy Chief Thomas Castro stated his concern that the crimes would escalate. Indeed, these crimes did escalate to the killing of a woman I loved very much. It is my belief that the day he decided to stalk, rape, and murder an innocent woman is the same day he decided he’s OK being treated as an adult.

If tried as a juvenile this person could one day be on parole and continue to escalate his crimes. If you agree that this person should be kept off the streets please take a moment to sign this petition.