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Petitioning Truth Wins Out

Truth Wins Out: Stop with the reverse suppression from gays.


Truth Wins Out, a gay rights extremist group, describes themselves as a "Non-profit organization that defends the GLBT community". That's fine, but their attempts to remove an offensive App from Apple's store have crossed the line.

Offensive content vs. free speech.
There is a bigger picture here:  While is is perfectly acceptable to want rights in a community, they cannot come at the expense of personal liberty or supress the constitution. We ask that Truth Wins Out retract their petition and stop trying to censor everything. (If you don't like it- don't buy it)

It's ironic, because the group who is notorious for fighting for gay rights is making a fool out of themselves by trying to supress the rights of others free speech.


Letter to
Truth Wins Out
Greetings unknown anonymous people that do not have a public phone number or email address. You are becoming just as extreme as the extremists you fight against.