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Petitioning Bartow County Sheriff's Office, State of Georgia Attorney General, The FBI

Truth and Justice for Little Rob H. Taylor III

Little Rob was alive! He existed, and was never given his due rights within the law of a FULL INVESTIGATION into his homicide that occured December 29, 2010 at the hands of a so friend. The Bartow Sheriff's office told the us the boys were playing with the gun...horrible accident...they LIED!! Little Rob NEVER touched that gun nor did the boy who killed him ever say that he did...the Investigator that did the boys interrogation that night is the person who said it and tried to get the boy to say it in which he explicitly says that Little Rob didn't touch the gun. The boys family has refused to speak to us, Little Rob's family at all, they have talked much in our small comunity about their hurts but refused to talk to us, Little Rob's family when asked to talk about what happened the day our son died. The boy has gone on, asked his mother, 4 days after killing Little Rob, in front of me, Rob's mom, to go skiing with his girlfriend...he was at a party in which there are facebook pics of him 2 weeks after doing the limbo..he has told other kids things about that day but refuses to talk to us, Rob's family about it. His mother gives me dirty looks when I have seen her....that family left a loaded, unlocked shotgun in their room that their son got and took downstairs and put in my son's face and shot him....we never saw him again. They wouldn't let us in the house, funeral home refused to let me see him, closed casket....Our families lives destroyed and no one would answer any questions regarding what happened that day. Rob's dad found txt messages on Rob's phone...they CLEARLY state that there was something else going on in that house and a girl was son was begging this girl to please not tell on him, that he didn't "do it". That the other boy did it....he was aggitated and upset in his messages....that was within minutes of my son's death.
Little Rob deserved a full investigation into his homicide! The law states it! We have been able to get Little Rob's case re-opened and the Sheriff's dept. is supposed be further investigating but they are stonewalling! The day my son died, based on what I read of the interragation of the boy, they decided they were gonna believe the boy and do no investigation...they did the bare minimal...never fingerprinted the gun, there was bloody baby wipe in a bathroom that the boy says was Little Rob's from a bloody nose but they never checked...all of my son's inbox messages on his phone was erased but he was txting out up to his death...many, many more questions unanswered...
The Bartow County, Georgia's Sheriff's dept. needs to do their JOB!!! Little Rob deserved his rights within the law...a FULL investigation into his homicide and the negligence that went into his death! He no longer has a voice...He was a beautiful boy! Inside and out! WE ARE HIS VOICE NOW...DEMAND THE BARTOW COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPT. TO FULLY INVESTIGATE ROB H.TAYLOR'S HOMICIDE!!

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  • Bartow County Sheriff's Office, State of Georgia Attorney General, The FBI

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